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What kind of RPG is Kult?

Kult is a game that focuses on the player characters. The game puts a lot of emphasis on plots that revolve around player characters' backgrounds and psychology, through the use of dark secrets, advantages and disadvantages, and sanity mechanics known as mental balance.

The player characters unravel a world where they find horrible events involving satanic magic, human sacrifice, sexual depravity, political conspiracies, military atrocities. Or just flat out monsters. These revelations gradually degrade Player Characters minds, and their madness rips apart the fabric of reality and they see the Truth - a Truth even worse than their horrible revelations.
     If you enjoy Call of Cthulhu because of the lack of sexual violence inherent in the premise, you may find Kult somewhat disturbing.
     If you are tired of the cosmic, mind-blasting evil for whom humanity is an insignificant speck of dust, then you might like Kult's personal touch.
     If you want to play your character in hell after you get killed, you probably want to try playing Kult.